Travel Pillow - Gray Penguin



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Let your kids bring this cute Penguin Travel Pillow on the next trip and it will bring them comfort and style!  Made by Kids Travel Boutique, this travel pillow is sized to fit your younger travelers up to age 6.  With soft plush fabric on top and cool spandex fabric on the bottom, your child can feel all the softness under the chin but feel cool around the neck and shoulder.  

This high-quality Penguin Travel Pillow is all handmade and embroidered, not printed to ensure the luxurious look and durability over multiple washing.  No fading of colors for years and no peeling eyes!  Double layered pillow lets you easily remove and wash the outside cover as many times as you need and maintain the fluffiness of inside beads longer.  

Inside beads are made with feather-soft hypoallergenic microbeads that makes it easy to form and shift according to the needs.  Microbeads also prevent from heating up because it allows good air circulation.  We call it "hypoallergenic" because they don’t absorb moisture, sweat, or saliva and subsequently are also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and generally dust free.  Perfect for traveling! 

  • Size: 9in x 9.4in x 3in 
  • Outer cover top: 100% Plush Polyester
  • Outer cover bottom: 92%Polyester 8% spandex
  • Inner cover: 92%Plush Polyester 8% spandex
  • Filling: 100% Microbeads (0.5~1.0mm)
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.  Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • Gray Penguin pillows have double snap buttons
  • Designed by Kids Travel Boutique, Inc
  • Manufactured in China


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