Ro•Sham•Bo Baby Sunglasses- Goonies


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Most lifetime UV damage occurs during childhood and risk for retinal damage is greatest in kids less than 10... That's why Ro•Sham•Bo baby shades block 100% uva/b/c rays, are BPA free, small parts tested and proudly made in Italy.       Little People Deserve Big People Shades

-Soft, flexible, chewable, but durable material is unbreakable, specially designed for baby's use and abuse.

-Frame made of laboratory certified BPA free and in compliance with the u.s. federal hazardous substances act 16 cfr 1501 for small parts(no chocking hazard)

- Lens is shatter resistant and small parts tested, safe for baby.

-Lens is easy to pop back in if it pops out, to replace, or to exchange the lens.

-Lens can be replaced with prescription lens.

-Frame and lens replacement guarantee if it's lost or breaks (shipping and handling may apply, only available for standard baby and junior lenses).

-Baby: 10.9cm x 3.7cm    4.20in x 1.45in


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