The Magic Lid UVC Sterilizer


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You don't have to be germophobic to know there are germs everywhere, some good and some damaging.  Especially because we travel with young children, we want to make sure the bad germs, bacterias, and viruses don't get to us and make us sick in the middle of traveling.   

Disinfect anywhere on the go with this super portable Magic Lid UV sterilizer. From the professional medical-grade UV sterilizer maker brings to you their new sterilization devices that are lab tested, FDA approved, and RedDot design awarded.   In short, they are proven to really work, and they're designed to fit anywhere, even in your pockets and a purse.  

This modern minimalistic designed Magic Lid UV sterilizer needs only 19 seconds to sterilize hard surfaces and 3 minutes for water sterilization with sterilization rate up to 99.99%.  That's right, it also purifies water too!  So bring this super lightweight portable sterilizer everywhere you go!

What can be sterilized?  

  • Baby bottles, cups, bowls, utensils, nipples, pacifiers, and everything your baby use that this lid can cover. 
  • Tumblers, coffee cups, mugs, canning jars, and glass jars that smell, because 180 seconds of sterilization will also remove the minor odor causing bacterias.
  • Toothbrush and the cups at the hotel. 
  • Make-up pouch and brushes, personal hygiene products. 
  • Silverwares and cups at the restaurant.
  • Mobile phones, keys, chargers, money, coins
  • Drinking water - YES this Magic Lid purifies water too!

Why UV-C sterilizer?  This compact sterilizer sterilizes all types of germs and viruses such as Bacillus Coli, influenza viruses, Bacillus Typhi, Bacillus dysenteriae, Salmonella, Viral hepatitis, Micrococcus Gonococcus, Much's Bacillus, and much more.  There are heat-resistant germs(mad cow virus), cold-resistant germs (avian influenza virus), and drug-resistant germs(superbugs) but there are NO UVC-resistant germs.  

Many hospitals use UV-C to sanitize rooms, medical tools, sinks and more. UV-C light damages the DNA and RNA of germs eliminating their ability to reproduce and enhances killing efficiency and odor elimination.

UVC LED reproduces the UVC light using LED beads, a 100% clean and energy efficient technology.


 What's in the box?

  • The Magic Lid
  • USB charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Gmicro Testing Report
  • UV Detection Card
  • Drawstring pouch


  • UV lamps: 5 LED beads
  • Weight: 100g (0.22 lbs)
  • Dimension: 163.6 x 120 x 11.8mm
  • Sterilization run time: 19 sec, 180 secs 
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery with micro USB cable
  • Brand: 59S, made in China

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