Aquaheat™ 16oz Warmer and Sterilizer



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Tired of asking for a bowl of hot water at the restaurants to warm up bottled milk?  Constantly trying to figure out how to get hot water in the hotel room without a coffee machine? Wish there's a quick and safe way to sterilize pacifiers, bottle nipples and everything that goes into baby's mouth while traveling?  Aquaheat™ is a portable, lightweight on-the-go solution for all of above that requires no electricity. Simply add water to the heat packs to activate heat anytime, anywhere. The eco-friendly, non-toxic & biodegradable heat packets react with a small amount of water to create heat in seconds. 

  • Single-use packets create heat and last up to one hour to warm multiple bottles and baby food in jars or pouch. 
  • WARM heat packs are specially designed to warm baby food and baby bottles.  Warm baby bottles as little as 2 minutes! The WARM heat pack can create temperatures up to 185ºF/85ºC, which is perfect for beverages, oatmeal, and baby food.
  • HOT heat packs can create boiling temperatures, so cook, reheat, warm and sterilize while on the go.  The HOT heat pack can create temperatures up to 212ºF/100ºC, which is perfect for warming full servings of soup, pasta and more. (Actual temperature may vary based on content, usage, and operating environment.)
  • The stainless container is made of high-quality durable 18/10 stainless steel. 
  • The package comes with one 16 ounces high-quality rust-resistant type 304 stainless steel container, one warming pod, one airtight lid with removable silicone, one neoprene sleeve, one Aquaheat™ WARM heat pack, and one Aquaheat™ HOT heat pack.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimension: 5in diameter 5.4in height
  • Made in South Korea

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