Who we are

A trip to Cancun started this all.  That short 3.5 hours on a plane from New York City to Cancun and back couldn’t have been any more miserable than we anticipated with our 3 yrs old and a 1.5 yr old.  We were beaten brutally by our unpreparedness, with my husband Scott, swearing that there will be no more trips with the kiddos until they’re much more grown up.    Uhm…  well, I wasn’t ready to accept that as our destiny, because we had a big vacation planned ahead already to Africa to visit my parents just 6 months later.  Africa!  That 14hrs + 7hrs on the plane times two coming back destination during the two weeks period.  Honestly, I was frightened to my neck, choking up fear every time I think about the planned trip.  Still, I wasn’t ready to give up and push the trip to Africa few years down to who knows when, without a good fight. 


First thing I did was to acknowledge that what happened on the plane to Cancun and back was completely our fault as parents, not the kids, and it didn’t have to be that way if we were more prepared.  So I started listing what happened on the plane that was hard on the kids. I’m not going to list all of it here, because believe me, it’s long. 


So I begun researching.  That habit which requires hours and hours of online searching, analysing, reading through all the good and bad reviews that can possibly be found on the web, and comparing products at local stores before purchasing one product.  After reading through  thousands of pinterest posts, hundreds of travel blogger’s articles and mommy blogs,  and product reviews and comparison review articles, I found myself to be ig·no·rant




  1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.


That was me.  Lacking knowledge, awareness, uneducated parent in terms of traveling with the kids.  I thought all we as a parents had to do was to hop on the plane or car and show them the world.  The world has proved me wrong.  There was so much information, so many cool and innovative products, so many should’ves and could’ves and so many ways to get kids to get informed and excited about their upcoming trips, that they take part in the endurance when it is required. 


Then the thought lead to ‘It’s too bad there’s no online shop that have these cool and essential traveling products and gears for kids in one place so a parent like me who’s getting prepared for a family travel could be inspired, find, and purchase the products minus hours and hours of researching.  Yes, there are mega online stores out there that has it all, but you can only find the items if you know what you’re looking for.  There’s just so much more out there that you didn’t even know it existed that will elevate the travel experience so much more. 


As preparing for the Africa trip (which we returned from early this summer of 2017 was a blast, piece of a cake, we can do it again and again and again,) I have decided to put the months and countless hours of researched information into a use.


Ta da!! The Kids Travel Boutique.  Not a mega store, but a boutique.  Curated collection consists of travel related products that are personally tried and true, widely researched, and carefully selected with function and style in mind that makes you and your kids stand out. Other families traveling next to you will want to come up to you and ask “where did you get that?”  That’s exactly what happened to us during our trip.  Even flight attendants were awed,  impressed, and personally asked about it. 


We select products for families traveling with children from age 1 through the early teens in mind.  Products you find here will make traveling easier, lighter, safer, comfortable,  and equally importantly, stylish. 

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