Care Boxes

About two hours drive South of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, there’s a small village with around 50 families living in a tight community.  Situated by a lake, the villagers harvest their own crops to a bare minimal amount, few have their own goats and chicken, and some men go out during the day to work at a nearby plantation.  The village has no water system(no drinking water, no toilet available), no electricity, and no education available to them.  They collect rain for drinking water source, and if that’s not available during drought season, they depend on the unfiltered lake water, which poses great health risk especially for children, and even risking a fight with a crocodile to get to the water.  The country of Zambia’s official language is English(affected by being colonized by Britain in the past) so schools teach English, but those who cannot afford education(even when the fee for education is bare minimal) live their lives speaking their own tribal language, which makes them stay inclusive of their village, rather than exploring outward for better opportunities.  Children lacked clothing, with most of them never owned shoes, always wondering the grounds on barefoot, and what they were wearing was never washed handed downs from multiple families within the village.  I visited their village past June, met with them, visited their homes, and brought them a full car trunk filled with food, toys, and candies for the children. 

Ever since I came back from the Africa trip, there was not a day I didn’t think about what I can do to help the children and the community I have’ve met during the visit. 

As our dedication, we will be sending one box of ‘care’ package every month under the name of Kids Travel Boutique.  The monthly package will consist products of education materials, children’s books, children’s clothing, toys, feminine hygiene products, and children’s hygiene products that are donated and purchased.  We will start off with one box a month, but our goal is to be able to hire a part time teacher to come to the village few times a week(even once a week) to teach the children and adults to learn to write, read, and speak English, so they can seek a better future for themselves. 



My father, who is a missionary serves the community by helping them build a church building, feed the hungry, and helping bring electricity to the church.  He will be the one who we will send the box every month, and he will deliver the box to the village every month, since the village has no postal service available. 

Every month we will update on the care box here on this blog, so please stay tuned!