1st Care box - November 2017

We've dedicated to share the love as we started the business.  In fact, sharing the love and caring for the African community in Zambia was one big motivation that helped us to press on to start the business.  Making profit or not, we're keeping our dedication alive! 

                                       The children in the village

We're sending one box of care items, whether it's toys for children, soaps and toothbrush/toothpastes, clothing, shoes, educational materials, gently used or new, one box each month.  

Since our launching date on November 7th, I've been collecting toys and books to send over.  I've laid them on my floor and start packing and realized they won't all fit into one box! So it becomes two.  Those collection of children books need it's own 'flat-shipping' rates anyways :)   

                                     Collection of toys for the 1st Care Box

They're shipped this morning, and I hope this makes the children happy.  Once they're delivered to their village through my father, he will be taking photos and sending them back to us so I will love to share them here, so stay tuned! 

NEXT: Now that our 1st box is sent, I'm already thinking about what to send on our second box for December.  I remember that I heard Zambia's rainy season starts in November and goes all the way to April.  That's great, because it's their chance to collect rain water and store them to go through their dry season(May though October), but when children lack clothes and shoes in general and when most are on their bare feet, I can see rain boots can be very helpful.  So rain boot it is.  

If anyone reading this article has gently worn children's rain boot that's taking up spaces in their closet, or even kids rain coats or ponchos that aren't being used, please join me in love and caring for the needed. You are more than welcomed to send them over to us at: 

Kids Travel Boutique

3 Lutz Rd                                                                                                                               

Plainview, NY 11803

I will collect them and send it over to Zambia between 1st~2nd week of December.